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precious legacy

24 Feb

img_7811yo1Baby boy and I were playing in the bed early this morning when the 5-year-old walked in. The sweetheart that this young lady is, she offered to play with the baby so I could sleep a little longer. Few minutes, perhaps? Not long after, Big Sister got up and took over, so back to the pillow my head went.

Well, the few minutes turned into an hour, (yikes!) and not a single tiny voice woke me up! By the time I got up, everyone had breakfast (oatmeal made by Big Sister) already. No sign of it except the dirty dishes piled up nicely in the sink. Z5 and L4 were playing peacefully with their Playmobil in the dining table, while Big Sister was working on her school tasks- with the baby.

I sat in the living room stuffing clean diapers and folding clothes. Big Sister noticed that the little one was getting sleepy already. Without a word from me, she picked him up, walked away and played the piano to put him to sleep.

The house is quiet again, and I’m still trying to sink everything in, but I thought I would stop by here and tell you about my morning. Actually, I just wanted to chronicle it- for me. A reminder when days are a little tougher… when there’s bickering, whining and such…

3 Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
4 Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,
So are the children of one’s youth.
5 Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them;     (Psalm 127)

lanternluv1sister love over oil lamps

Hope your day is blessed and full of His goodness .


naturally clean kitchen

20 Feb

There is nothing like cleaning the home using just a few household ingredients like vinegar and baking soda, with the addition of essential oils. It makes the task enjoyable, and you can feel good that you’re doing it toxic-free. I just cleaned the sink and the stove, and now the kitchen smells heavenly. Love, love that fresh lemony scent!

Here’s a basic formula for cleaning the kitchen sink, and another one for the floor, from this favorite book. The title says it all: THE NATURALLY CLEAN HOME: 150 Super-Easy Herbal Formulas for Green Cleaning. It’s a very handy resource small enough to fit the homemaker’s apron’s pocket.


This formula is safe for porcelain or stainless steel sinks. Not only will it clean the sink basin and faucets, but it will also keep drains and garbage disposals fresh-smelling and free of clogs.

  • 1/4 c baking soda
  • 1/2 c vinegar
  • 3 drops lavender, rosemary, lemon, lime or orange essential oil

Combine. Rinse sink well with hot water. Pour the cleanser in the sink and wipe with a sponge or cloth. Rinse again with hot water. (A vinegar rinse can be used before this final rinse to prevent baking soda residue.)



  • 1 gallon hot water
  • 2T liquid castile soap
  • 15 drops sweet orange essential oil
  • 8 drops lemon essential oil, or 1/4 c lemon juice

No rinsing necessary. Happy cleaning!

kids unplugged

10 Feb

The girls got an inexpensive  ball of rubber bands a while ago, and they are still creating and discovering with it. This morning, they learned to link the rubber bands together, which inspired me to introduce a well-loved children’s game I grew up in the Philippines playing: Chinese Garter.

a game requiring flexibility, balance and coordination, is a popular game for Filipino children, most specifically among girls during their elementary years. The game revolves around an ordinary garter, around two to three yards long…

You must know that as much as the girls treasure stories from their parents’ childhood, they are also fascinated with games popular to kids in the Philippines. Today, they are having a ball. With a couple dozen rubber bands linked together, pure enthusiasm and some living room space… a different (nostalgic for mom) way to spend a gloomy and blustery morning.


photo by james

By the way, this is not recess, it’s Physical Ed… and oh, Social Studies.

songs i heard

21 Jan


Taking a break from Beethoven, and listening to this. Songs that the girls are familiar with, some are even well-loved.

Singing along to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious…

Can you see them dancing around?

Wanna join?

fun ideas for super cold days

15 Jan

A big snow day, followed by subzero temperatures three days in a row-

You’d think a homeschooling family would just stay cozy at home instead of battling the bitter cold, but the girls would not miss dance class for a little inconvenience. They even had friends over for a playdate, keeping the whole house warm while moms wrapped in blankets enjoyed tea. Today, we thought to take advantage of the super frigid temperatures to do some things fun and call it science.

First, we made snow from boiling water: Here’s the idea. We used a bigger container and did it a few times. Super fun!

Here’s another one: I’m Forever Freezing Bubbles.

Inspired by this post, we did this


to make these:


which greeted the UPS guy today.

To wrap it all up, a mug of Trader Joe’s sipping chocolate and milk. Inside, that is.

when it’s THIS cold outside

15 Jan

we talk about the weather

and keep warm with thisyo01111

and this


simple pleasures 1

13 Jan

Just for fun, I’m sneaking in here again to share some of my simple pleasures with you. Since there’s only a few minutes before read-aloud time, I thought I would do an installment and call it part one.

1. Bookstand by the kitchen window- This week, I am enjoying page spreads from this book. I have to admit, I take much pleasure in the feel of a sturdy book, its beautiful illustrations and the overall layout. (Strange, I know.) Having an open book to look at while washing dishes is for me uplifting. I thought it would remain unnoticed by the rest of the family since it’s on my little space in the kitchen, but I caught my daughter changing the pages earlier today. So now I am looking at a new picture, and it is very pretty.


2. Fresh artworks by little hands, all over my kitchen– Ah. What else can I say?


3. Teavana– Nothing like loose leaf tea, and oh, the variety! If you’re a true tea lover, you must experience Teavana.  I have almost forgotten that teas come in bags.

Well, that wasn’t so bad. See you next time, and blessings to all.