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scripture memory system for the family

5 Feb

I had this really great idea a few years back: memorizing Scriptures as a family.

Right.  A few revisions later, my oldest and I are memorizing chosen verses together, with dear husband participating occasionally. The younger ones are doing shorter verses. (Though right now they are working on Psalm 23 with daddy.) What has worked, with all the changes? This scripture memory file. Proven system. Here’s what ours look like:img_7356

I picked this index card box with magnetic back so that we could place it where it is accessible to everyone- the refrigerator door. Works perfectly!

Initially, I printed out the verses we are to memorize for the year, cut them out, and glued them individually on 3X5 index cards. They stay in the very back of the file box until we are ready for them.


With this system, you are doing a maximum of four verses (or chunk of scriptures) a day: the new verse that you’re still working on, and three others from past memorization. This keeps everything fresh, yet not overwhelming.

When a whole chapter is to be memorized, it is done straight from the Bible. Instead of filing the whole text, I just write the verses’ name (even listing key words) on the index card. That keeps the file manageable, and easier to flip through. (There’s a variety of shorter verses, longer chunks and whole chapters in the mix.)

The younger (4 and 5-yr-old) ones’ stack is also growing, so I will be starting a separate file for them. Until then, their recently memorized verses are kept here.


In the meantime, as I’ve been led, I am revisiting memorizing whole books at a time- starting with the letter to the Philippians, with confirmations from different places inspiration from kindred spirits:

Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You.  (Psalm 119:11)