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precious legacy

24 Feb

img_7811yo1Baby boy and I were playing in the bed early this morning when the 5-year-old walked in. The sweetheart that this young lady is, she offered to play with the baby so I could sleep a little longer. Few minutes, perhaps? Not long after, Big Sister got up and took over, so back to the pillow my head went.

Well, the few minutes turned into an hour, (yikes!) and not a single tiny voice woke me up! By the time I got up, everyone had breakfast (oatmeal made by Big Sister) already. No sign of it except the dirty dishes piled up nicely in the sink. Z5 and L4 were playing peacefully with their Playmobil in the dining table, while Big Sister was working on her school tasks- with the baby.

I sat in the living room stuffing clean diapers and folding clothes. Big Sister noticed that the little one was getting sleepy already. Without a word from me, she picked him up, walked away and played the piano to put him to sleep.

The house is quiet again, and I’m still trying to sink everything in, but I thought I would stop by here and tell you about my morning. Actually, I just wanted to chronicle it- for me. A reminder when days are a little tougher… when there’s bickering, whining and such…

3 Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
4 Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,
So are the children of one’s youth.
5 Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them;     (Psalm 127)

lanternluv1sister love over oil lamps

Hope your day is blessed and full of His goodness .


kids unplugged

10 Feb

The girls got an inexpensive  ball of rubber bands a while ago, and they are still creating and discovering with it. This morning, they learned to link the rubber bands together, which inspired me to introduce a well-loved children’s game I grew up in the Philippines playing: Chinese Garter.

a game requiring flexibility, balance and coordination, is a popular game for Filipino children, most specifically among girls during their elementary years. The game revolves around an ordinary garter, around two to three yards long…

You must know that as much as the girls treasure stories from their parents’ childhood, they are also fascinated with games popular to kids in the Philippines. Today, they are having a ball. With a couple dozen rubber bands linked together, pure enthusiasm and some living room space… a different (nostalgic for mom) way to spend a gloomy and blustery morning.


photo by james

By the way, this is not recess, it’s Physical Ed… and oh, Social Studies.

when it’s THIS cold outside

15 Jan

we talk about the weather

and keep warm with thisyo01111

and this


while i’m not blogging…

17 Oct

I have told the two younger girls numerous times in the past that we DON’T BOTHER THE BABY when he’s sleeping. It never worked. So on a blank cardstock I drew two baby faces: one wide awake and smiling, the other- sleeping. Under the first drawing I wrote in bold letters: P L A Y. On the other one: DON’T BOTHER. I think they finally got the rule. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed.

After the kids return from sleepover yesterday, I realized how important keeping the routines are for them. They thrive in certain restrictions, and I need to be vigilant about that. Kids will be kids, but we have the power to bring out the best in them. Today, we are snuggling more, reading more books together, transitioning them to good old routine.

Before I could click the Publish button, the five-year-old came running to tell me that Lyrica flooded the bathroom. (How did she quickly figure out who did it? Hmmm.) I calmly unlatched the baby who was happily nourishing himself to see what it was about. The three-year-old “forgot” to turn off the diaper spray/mini shower attached to the toilet and it flooded the whole bathroom. Argh. Five plush towels later and the floor is dry again. I am so grateful for washing machines. Once again, Zurielle is the hewo.

of blogging and keeping home

22 Jul

I have a confession to make:

I miss blogging. I miss this blog.

I continue to read blogs that inspire me. the ones that keep pointing me to a gracious Savior. the ones that simply make me smile. Lately though, I have been itching to update my own… just could not squeeze it in my day. I know if I want it enough I could make it happen, but I guess it really is a priority issue.

I decided, instead of moping about it, I would just bake a favorite vegan chocolate cake, which I had been craving all morning, and call it the family meal. Then I would head on over here and ramble.

It had been a quiet day. Dear hubby left for work early in the morning as usual, and he won’t be home until late in the evening. (And that explains why it’s okay to feed the kids chocolate cake instead of a real meal. lol) The girls are busy playing downstairs and would only come up when hungry.

I took advantage of the sun and did three loads of laundry to line dry. One was for cloth diapers, which I have been doing every other day. Who would have thought that folding clean diapers could be so therapeutic?

We’ve assigned the eleven-year old to help with the kitchen floor, but as you probably know, it means cleaning the floor all over again.

We’ve been keeping Johann indoor, and I have been giving him daily baths, because he has developed heat rash. (That also means we have the air-conditioning going all the time.)

With the new addition in the family, we have yet to form a solid revised routine for the rest of us- though I know the sooner, the better. Like today, the two younger girls didn’t take a nap. I got so busy, and they weren’t bothering me as much- so of course, I forgot about nap time until it was too late. Now I’m listening to a screaming three-year old, the sort of thing that doesn’t happen here, unless the girl is extremely tired. Someone is going to bed early tonight.

Those of you busy stay-at-home moms of little children who are able to maintain an orderly clean home, serve healthy home-cooked meals everyday at the table, homeschool, and still manage to blog regularly: share your secret.

In the meantime, I am moving at my own (slow) pace, showing up here when I can, endlessly thanking my Source for every single day. No matter how monotonous, uneventful, quiet, or chaotic my days are, I am grateful that they are always beautiful.

Zurielle holding Johann Israel at 3 days old

Now, For The Good News…

9 Jan

Posting is still sporadic here, and will probably be like that for a while. The focus might also shift a little bit. I have never mentioned it, but there is a reason for almost abandoning the blog! First the exciting news:

We are expecting- yes, with a fourth child.

The first trimester was really not fun at all! Except for checking my blog reader every other day or so, blogging became so unappealing, and the thought of just updating my blog was enough to get me nauseated. So was reading any book! (That was really strange, and I am glad I’m over that now!) I had a lot of cravings, and mostly, they were for food that I haven’t even touched in more than two years! Greens were not appealing at all, and so were some of the usual fruits I like. It was also a challenge drinking anything, even my choice of beverage: water. And yes, I tortured myself with some unwholesome food!

But by the end of the first trimester, things started to change. It seemed like I could hear my body talking again (lol)… and for the most part, I listened.

Now at 16 weeks, I almost couldn’t believe how quickly it transitioned. I am feeling much, much better, and full of energy. I am also fueling my body and the baby with healthy, whole foods. We start the day with green smoothies every morning; and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much (raw) greens and fruits in my entire life than this season! I am also exercising regularly now. I am ready to face the world again!

I do not see myself being able to blog as much as I used to anymore, but I also realized how neat it is to have this little haven to come back to, and read little pieces of our lives that would have otherwise been left unrecorded. Therefore, this blog is here to stay.