well-behaved kids

21 Jul

I’m sitting at a comfortable arm chair at our favorite neighborhood coffee shop with my laptop and cold-press in a glass mug. The kids are at a nearby table playing nicely, no running around, just plain well-behaved. Overall a good day I should say. An hour passed. Or two?

Unknown to me, the barista and another mom are paying attention. They are amazed how well the kids are behaving and for all that time. And you know, people approach us in all different places complimenting the kids, how well-behaved they are, etc. Now that is a great thing and it always leaves us encouraged, refreshed and overall thankful; but sometimes I can’t help but wonder…

As the mom approached me on her way out, she related how taking her little kids to that coffee shop or other places for that matter, is usually a stressful situation. We chatted for a while so we were able to share bits and pieces of our days and our parenting styles. I hope she was encouraged… I ended up giving her my contact info.

Days like today make my heart swell and leave me grateful that I am able to invest in training the little ones up and providing an environment where they could thrive and be a blessing to those around them, on a daily basis… even in the most mundane situations.

Only by Grace.


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