kids unplugged

10 Feb

The girls got an inexpensive  ball of rubber bands a while ago, and they are still creating and discovering with it. This morning, they learned to link the rubber bands together, which inspired me to introduce a well-loved children’s game I grew up in the Philippines playing: Chinese Garter.

a game requiring flexibility, balance and coordination, is a popular game for Filipino children, most specifically among girls during their elementary years. The game revolves around an ordinary garter, around two to three yards long…

You must know that as much as the girls treasure stories from their parents’ childhood, they are also fascinated with games popular to kids in the Philippines. Today, they are having a ball. With a couple dozen rubber bands linked together, pure enthusiasm and some living room space… a different (nostalgic for mom) way to spend a gloomy and blustery morning.


photo by james

By the way, this is not recess, it’s Physical Ed… and oh, Social Studies.


One Response to “kids unplugged”

  1. roblaytondotnet February 10, 2009 at 8:54 pm #

    Speaking of nostalgic, that’s how I feel when I see those buildings in the photograph. I remember playing with tops, building those tiny cars, jacks, and that game with the black and white stones. Sorry, it was too long ago haha.

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