simple pleasures 1

13 Jan

Just for fun, I’m sneaking in here again to share some of my simple pleasures with you. Since there’s only a few minutes before read-aloud time, I thought I would do an installment and call it part one.

1. Bookstand by the kitchen window- This week, I am enjoying page spreads from this book. I have to admit, I take much pleasure in the feel of a sturdy book, its beautiful illustrations and the overall layout. (Strange, I know.) Having an open book to look at while washing dishes is for me uplifting. I thought it would remain unnoticed by the rest of the family since it’s on my little space in the kitchen, but I caught my daughter changing the pages earlier today. So now I am looking at a new picture, and it is very pretty.


2. Fresh artworks by little hands, all over my kitchen– Ah. What else can I say?


3. Teavana– Nothing like loose leaf tea, and oh, the variety! If you’re a true tea lover, you must experience Teavana.  I have almost forgotten that teas come in bags.

Well, that wasn’t so bad. See you next time, and blessings to all.

One Response to “simple pleasures 1”

  1. tonia January 14, 2009 at 8:34 am #

    i love a book propped open too….great idea to put it in the kitchen!

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