while i’m not blogging…

17 Oct

I have told the two younger girls numerous times in the past that we DON’T BOTHER THE BABY when he’s sleeping. It never worked. So on a blank cardstock I drew two baby faces: one wide awake and smiling, the other- sleeping. Under the first drawing I wrote in bold letters: P L A Y. On the other one: DON’T BOTHER. I think they finally got the rule. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed.

After the kids return from sleepover yesterday, I realized how important keeping the routines are for them. They thrive in certain restrictions, and I need to be vigilant about that. Kids will be kids, but we have the power to bring out the best in them. Today, we are snuggling more, reading more books together, transitioning them to good old routine.

Before I could click the Publish button, the five-year-old came running to tell me that Lyrica flooded the bathroom. (How did she quickly figure out who did it? Hmmm.) I calmly unlatched the baby who was happily nourishing himself to see what it was about. The three-year-old “forgot” to turn off the diaper spray/mini shower attached to the toilet and it flooded the whole bathroom. Argh. Five plush towels later and the floor is dry again. I am so grateful for washing machines. Once again, Zurielle is the hewo.

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