nature study?

15 Sep

Mother said, “It’s time for a nature walk. Take the camera.

They walked around the yard and stopped to watch a bug. One took a picture of the creature.

They observed the bug some more, then walked around again. The little ones picked and observed some leaves.

They all then went inside and flipped through the insect guide. One looked at the picture in the camera, then interpreted it on a clean paper. “It definitely is a paper wasp.”

Another girl was quite satisfied with her leaf page.

On days like this when all we have got to work with is the backyard, this is nature study at its best:)

One Response to “nature study?”

  1. Emily September 17, 2008 at 6:51 pm #

    Ya’ll are much braver than me. I tried to get a close up of a huge spider out our window the other day but I was too scared even with the zoom.

    As for the diaper bag and nursing cover, email me at I know you like the pink and brown combo. So just let me know which fabric you want the inside and which you want on the outside and also which one you want the nursing cover made from. I can make the diaper bag large or small so just let me know which type size you would prefer. The one I made today was 13 x 13 with a 5 inch bottom. It doesn’t look square. It’s look like a tall rectangle. You can give me any dimensions you want.


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