Weekend of Fun and Books

4 Sep

It was a nice long weekend with hubby being home on Friday and Labor Day. Nothing was planned, but if you know us, spontaneous works.

I am not very fond of the State Fair, but my oldest really wanted to check it out, and we don’t get that many requests from this girl, so off we went on Friday. We also had movie night, good pizza and cousins’ sleep over at our house after.

It was also nice just hanging out at the lake, and everyone agreed that we don’t do it often enough.

The weekend ended with a visit to the historic Oliver Kelley Farm. Everyone worked hard, and got a glimpse of farming and homestead life in the late 1800s! My ten year old said that it was actually fun. I could see her thrive in a farm or living in a barrio in the Philippines. With the many things that I want my children exposed to that are not in our present life setting, visiting the farm gave them a taste of it. We would like our children to visit the Philippines someday and experience how life is so different there, and to live the culture firsthand. For now we learn to be diligent here, where we are.

We are back to school today, with last week’s unfinished tasks and some of this week’s. I thought we are doing enough reading as it is, not so Aliyah. She is also reading Little Princess and plans on reading Little Women next. What are you reading to your children or what are they reading now?

I dug books from the garage yesterday, and they have been providing hours of reading to the children since last night. I had those boxed and put away long before the move last year. A lot of those are Aliyah’s old books, and why am I surprised that she is devouring them now like she’d never read them before? Today she made a comment that we have so many great books. A mom just had to smile.

6 Responses to “Weekend of Fun and Books”

  1. hiddenart September 4, 2007 at 9:59 pm #

    Little Women is one of my daughter’s favorites. She went on to read more by this author because she loved the writing style. Right now she is reading Oliver Twist. We read it a couple years ago as a family, and she is surprised how many details she has forgotten.

    I love to visit places set in the 1800’s. There are a couple great ones around here. I would love to be able to make all the things they did from beginning to end. I can never figure out how they have time to get everything done without a dishwasher and washing machine though. 🙂

    We didn’t have washing machine or dishwasher in the Philippines, and that was the 80s! Handwash, baby! You either have a maid, pay someone to do it, or do it yourself!

    I still remember our laundry person, she was one of my favorite persons in the world. Go figure. -Flo

  2. tonia September 5, 2007 at 6:59 am #

    My eyes are crossing with all the reading we’ve been doing lately. *grin* I’m reading most of my older kids’ Ambleside readings (Yrs 7 and 9) plus reading aloud most of the Yr 2 selections to the other kids.

    There are some terrific books on those lists….and a couple of real challenges. (Jonathon Swift: Tale of a Tub – snore….)

    Sounds like good days at your house!

    Tonia- lol. Thanks for the heads up on that book. We don’t follow AO’s schedule, but I do with their booklist.

  3. bethie September 5, 2007 at 11:56 am #

    My mom gave me ‘a tree grows in brooklyn’ when I was a child and I loved it.

  4. titus2woman September 5, 2007 at 1:18 pm #

    I LOVE the State Fair! I guess there are sooo many memories for me growing up that go with it~it was always around my birthday. I always wanna shop there, too! Such NEAT STUFF!

    You littles don’t like the OW’s? Really? They have become my children’s favorite! WOOHOOO! LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

    Sandi- my oldest was fine with the vitamins before they were “improved,” or I think before they were called Ocean Wonders. I’ve also wasted a couple of different brand bottles. Now, they are happy with some kind of sour bears. Oh, well. But I also give them a functional (acai) beverage called Monavie.

  5. Hilda September 6, 2007 at 6:20 pm #

    Once you read Alcott, you are stuck! We are reading Under the Lilacs now. Jack and Jill has been my favorite, to date, though. It looks like you had fun with Egypt. Have you ever heard of Truth Quest??? And, if you can refresh my memory… what is Tapestry of Grace? It sounds so familiar, but I am growing out of a headache and my brain is mush! It was nice ‘meeting’ you!

  6. yielded September 6, 2007 at 8:45 pm #

    Hilda- well, yes, TruthQuest! Our most beloved history guide. We were using TQ until we decided to go with a more laid down approach this year.

    Tapestry of Grace teaches each era to all grades simultaneously but at their own levels. Utilizing the classical approach, resources are arranged for learning levels, not grades/ages. Basically, you use a 4 year plan from K-12.

    It is (in-depth) history-based, guided by a biblical worldview, with a strong writing program.

    Anyway, I have a link to their site, along with TruthQuest, up there on my sidebar.

    My 10 year old was reading your comment over my shoulder as I type, and I heard her agreeing with you on Alcott!

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