Back to Homeschool Update

17 Aug

I didn’t mean to be quiet this whole week. I wanted very much to come by and update, but since this was our first week back to homeschool, there were some things that needed ironing out, and the rest was pretty much just trying to stay focused and getting the children back in the groove of things. I have to say that for the most part, everyone did very well!

Here are some back to homeschool updates I wanted to share with you:

#1. I walked in the kitchen and the two little girls were snacking on chocolate chips! No, no. That isn’t what I normally feed them as you supposed, but apparently, my idea of keeping the sought after jars on the top shelf was not working.

Zurielle decided to take control and mixed the white with the brown chocolate chips in a tupperware. She then distributed some to her little sister who was waiting patiently for her share. I was calm about the whole thing- just thankful that I didn’t walk in what could have been two empty jars and twenty messy fingers . My homeschool mom brain started working: math moment!

I dumped all the chocolate chips in the counter and had the four-year old sort them in their rightful containers. That was a nice, quiet few minutes.


Later on, a two-year old was caught in the act doing a similar offense. I always suspected the drawers were partly to blame. Here’s the evidence:


#2. Zurielle was having a conversation with daddy while he was helping her brush her teeth, and somewhere I heard her say, “four and two make six.” Of course, daddy was impressed, and she must have been with herself too, since no one taught her that. She went on to do other “math facts.” I missed part of the conversation, but not when she was proudly singing, “I can do numbers! I can do numbers! Nana nana na.”

The next morning, she didn’t want to just do homeschool. She wanted to do numbers!

#3. Our first week with Tapestry of Grace was a blast! It was a little complicated for me to navigate around at first, but I am able to see the bigger picture, and recognize that it just needs some getting used to. There is something about it that my daughter likes. Okay, maybe it’s the (ancient) time period.

I was thinking of having a little party- ancient Egyptian style, at the end of the three weeks that we are doing Egypt. When I mentioned that to this daughter, she immediately came up with many ideas of what we are to eat and drink and what we are to do. By the way, did I ever mention that her name “A l i y a h” is defined in the dictionary as the immigration of Jews to Israel?

#4. We meant to start school last Wednesday, but began on Monday instead. Tuesday went a lot smoother. By Thursday, Aliyah was done with all her readings and assigned works! We didn’t plan to do salt dough map at all, but she was up to it and wanted to do an Egypt map instead of the assigned imaginary one. (I only wished we looked online for inspiration first before we did ours.)

The week’s schedule was all checked out by lunch today! Woo hoo! I am trying not to get too excited, because really, this had been a light week without the regular activities we have in the fall. It got me thinking though, how comfortable I am with this set-up and hopefully I could schedule our days more wisely and have better discernment on what we should welcome and not in our lives.

#5. Our Apologia Zoology II is not here yet, but not to worry. There should be more than enough nature observations to keep us busy. Speaking of, I am dedicating my next post to nature study.

#6. Meanwhile, the two-year old is busy too, not just with climbing countertops.


Have a blessed weekend everyone! See you next week.

5 Responses to “Back to Homeschool Update”

  1. rowdyrodi August 17, 2007 at 7:49 pm #

    How funny my two year old is quite the little monkey as well. He will climb anything and everything. He was found last week on top of the washing machine. He had pushed the full hamper of clothes up to the machine and climbed on up. Guess it was a lesson mommy needed on not letting the hamper actually get full. He also is quite the stacking fanatic right now. If he can line it up or stack it high he will do it.

    Love the blog.


  2. Marcy Muser August 17, 2007 at 10:59 pm #

    I had to laugh at your last picture – my younger daughter (now 7) has been lining up those counting bears exactly like that – sorted by color – ever since she was around 2 herself! She still does it on occasion!

    We are starting our first week of Tapestry too – I gave us a two-day head start on week 1 to try to get it all organized. I’m glad I did. Not everything went quite as planned yesterday! 😉

  3. Jennifer August 19, 2007 at 8:06 pm #

    Oh, my three year old uses the drawers to climb up and snatch goodies too! I caught her in the act once and posted a picture on my blog:

    She actually has the same outfit that yours has on too (but not in the picture I posted). 🙂

  4. hiddenart August 20, 2007 at 8:27 am #

    What a wonderful week! This blog of yours is such a great preservation of the teaching moments. I wish I had my memories preserved in such a way when my kids were that age. I’m preserving now though!

    We are having fun with Tapestry of Grace too. I find it to be such a help. It gives our family the perfect amount of direction and planning while still allowing for freedom be ourselves.

    I am also blessed by your birthday greetings. Thank you, friend.

  5. Anna August 23, 2007 at 5:09 pm #

    I’m enjoying your site. Thanks for sharing your good insight and homeschooling details!

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