TOG Planning Update

2 Aug

I have poured over the first two units of Tapestry of Grace Year I, and I am very much looking forward to implementing it. I have an Upper Grammar student, but we are jumping up the Dialectic stage in some readings.

Since we are using the Old Testament as a spine, I had thought that incorporating Story of the Ancient World, would be an overkill. After going through thirty some chapters of it, I quickly changed my mind. I have peace knowing that reading it would enrich our understanding of the Old Testament and the history of God’s chosen people.


I have printed the lapbook materials for all of Unit One. We are not using folders, but putting the folds in cardstocks that would go in the student’s notebook. I have not decided yet if we are still using a three-ring binder, or Pro-Click system for that. A few months ago, my husband brought home a big box of different size three-ring binders from work that they were trying to get rid of. What a blessing, as we need these binders to organize our lives and our TOG units.

I was really tempted to do the transparency atlas project, but decided to hold off until the next round. We would do fine with just the paper maps, and I have them all printed out for Unit One. As they are completed, the maps would go on the student notebook as well.

I created a very simple resource form on Excel just for my sanity. Although TOG provides the Resource List that you could edit to your need, and Momma Knows has taken it step by step here, I like seeing the list of

  • the books that I need to purchase, or borrow from the library
  • the materials that I would need for projects
  • the pages I need to copy or print
  • the movies I need to add on my Netflix account

laid out all in one place. I like to see the resources sorted out in the corresponding weeks that we would be using them. Then I know WHAT to gather WHEN, and I can have the library materials just right on time. It is very simple, yet tremendous help, giving me a grip on gathering resources, and peace of mind.

One of my favorite aspects of homeschool planning is having library catalog access at home. On my account, I have a list of the books I need to borrow. I request them online a week before they are needed and pick them up at the nearest library as they are ready.

Thankfully, we have in our home library quite a few of the resources listed. I was thrilled to check off some of the books we own like Window on the World and Walk With Y’shua Through the Jewish Year that I never thought would be included in a curriculum we use.

For the books that I purchased, I found the best deals at Amazon. It could take some time when you opt for the free shipping, but at this point I am in no rush. If an item is not favorably discounted at Amazon, I turn to the local bookstore chain where I get a nice educators’ discount. (Of course, there’s also the used book store option.) Surprisingly, I have only had to purchase a couple of books for Unit One. If a book or its alternative resource is not in the library system, I would buy it only if I want to keep it in our home library, or if it integrally used in more than one unit; otherwise I am comfortable with finding a replacement from the vast library system.

Moving on! The other day, as the kids and I were drooling over all the fun stuff at the local Lakeshore Learning store, I stumbled upon this Writing notebook that they are selling for a whopping $8. It is basically lined and titled “Draft” on one page, and a cluster diagram on the opposite page. I like that idea better than all kinds of loose paper going in and out the three-ring binder, but why pay the $8 when I can put together our own draft notebook using the Pro-Click binding system? All our prewriting and “Work In Progress” would go here. One page would be lined and the other would be this Cluster Diagram from Writing Aids or any other diagram that we would use.

I am anticipating this year to be a great one because the Old Testament time for me is one of the most beloved periods to study. My daughter has to agree.

2 Responses to “TOG Planning Update”

  1. hiddenart August 2, 2007 at 7:51 am #

    Isn’t it fun?! There is so much juicy stuff packed into each week.
    I am eagerly waiting the delivery of my Writing Aids. In the past, we’ve used various sources for writing helps. I’ll be so glad to have all my info in one spot!

  2. Momma Knows August 21, 2007 at 9:30 am #

    I think I’ve read this post before, but I just read it again and noticed your idea for the draft writing notebook. What a great idea! Lined on one side, with the cluster diagram on the other. I’m stealing, er, borrowing it, okay? 😀

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