Next Great Awakening

27 Jul

The cry of my heart was in my inbox today.

Heaven sent revival is not religious entertainment where crowds gather to hear outstanding preachers and musical programs. Neither is it the result of sensational advertising. In a God-sent revival you don’t spend money on advertising, people come because revival is there. Revival is an awareness of God that grips the whole community. On the roadside, in the tavern as well as the church. It becomes the place where men find Christ.

Here is the vast difference between our modern evangelistic campaigns and true revival. In the former, hundreds may be brought to a knowledge of Christ and the church experiences seasons of blessings but as far as the community, the taverns, the dance halls and movie theaters are still crowded and the godless march on. In revival the spirit of God like a cleansing flame sweeps through the community. Divine conviction grips people everywhere and the strongholds of the devil tremble and many close their doors while multitudes turn to the Lord.

In the 1857 revival in America, the mighty visitation of those days from which has flowed almost a century of spiritual blessing represents a challenge even today. Like a spiritual tornado, the Spirit of God swept through the land. New England became the center of a great awakening resulting in great numbers finding salvation. In some towns it was reported to find someone who had not been converted. Like a great spiritual epidemic tremendous conviction of sin swept through the land and tho8usands turned to Christ. Drunkards as they sat at the bar, gamblers as they sat at the card tables, congregations as they sat in churches and passengers as they arrived on trains came under the influence of this strange and wonderful moving of God and kneeling in repentance, they found pardon. In many dance halls, theaters, gambling dens were closed or emptied. New churches were opened up everywhere. Family altars were restored and the spirit of prayer grew in intensity to where anyone could cross the land and find a mid-day prayer meeting in almost any town. It is estimated that as many as 50,000 decisions were made in a week. Following in its wake came mighty preachers of the Word of God including DL Moody under whose ministry multitudes were called to a decision and pioneer missionaries have taken the gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth.

When God outpours His Spirit upon us, we will not stay seated in our pews. We will not stay sitting in our churches but we will get up and fulfill the great commission. We will be compelled to go. We will not have to work it up within ourselves. We will do things we have never done before because we will be transformed.

(From GPAN-Global Prayer Alert Network) 

3 Responses to “Next Great Awakening”

  1. mommyzabs July 31, 2007 at 10:08 am #

    This is so so true. One of our pastors spoke on the history of revival a few sundays ago. It was amazing to learn the history of how they all started! Nothing like the advertised ones you see today.

  2. Michelle July 31, 2007 at 3:49 pm #

    Great post. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m not sure if I know you. Your name doesn’t ring a bell with me. I’m from Woodbury and I go to a group also located in Woodbury. Your kids are absolutely beautiful. I haven’t met anyone else in my area that uses CM so its great to meet, if only on the internet, someone else who does! I love CM and will be implementing it this year with my kiddos.

    I’m going to put you on my blogroll because you have alot of CM info which I always need!

    Do you mind me asking what group you are in? I go to church in Oakdale too. This will be my 3rd year homeschooling. God bless!!

  3. yielded August 1, 2007 at 10:51 am #

    Thank you, Michelle. Glad to meet you, too!

    I replied to your question through email.

    I have not decided on joining our church’s homeschool co-op. My reasoning is related to your July 31st post- “The Heart to Serve.”

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