Five Years Later…

28 May

I’ve finally released myself from doing all the year-planning and have decided on purchasing a base curriculum for the fall. All that planning and building didn’t really bother me. In fact, I never wanted a boxed curriculum, and we enjoy the freedom of choosing what to focus on or not, what books to read and what activities to do.

I’ve talked to and read from other homeschool moms whose concern is that they may not be doing enough, and I have asked myself: “Am I so laid back that those things don’t move me at all?” Then I remembered why we homeschool, and that took the doubt away. Besides, I am totally sold on Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education that it never occur to me that we’re missing out on anything, learning-wise. Having Truthquest and an encyclopedia as our history guides, Apologia Elementary as science, and the Bible, helps me with everything else.

But I feel like God is leading me in a different direction this year so I could focus more time on being the facilitator of my children’s education, and less on planning.

After looking at several options, I have decided to go with the one that I have initially dismissed a couple of years back: Tapestry of Grace, and now I’m very excited about it. I’ve looked at three options intently. I joined groups/forums and have read much of what other moms have to say about these curricula and their experiences with them. I’m aware that some users consider TOG intense, and that some, even after using it for more than a year, still feel overwhelmed. I am not concern about that at all. Not that I’m supermom or anything (I’m far from that! Phil. 2:3). We still plan on keeping (most of) our afternoons free for play, activities and nature walks. I just have to remember why I’m going this route, and that is to have something tangible to help me, so that I could focus more on the content of my children’s education (and mine!) and less on the “planning from scratch.”

I believe we are ready for a new season. I am confident I can make this work for us (Matt. 19:26). Have you seen the Year I Redesigned samples? This is what really solidified my decision to go with TOG. I am holding off on the Year 1 purchase since I have a business convention to go to this week, and would like to focus on that first. I will update as soon as I get my hands on it.

2 Responses to “Five Years Later…”

  1. Gem June 11, 2007 at 6:05 pm #

    I just found your blog on HSJ and followed you over here. We were doing a more unschooly type of thing, and decided to go wiht Tapestry as well. I got the old version for half-off, so didn’t get the redesign. It looks great, though!

    Just curious, why the move?

  2. yielded June 22, 2007 at 11:44 am #

    I replied on your blog but it didn’t go through. Sorry!

    Anyway, when I started at HSJ, I didn’t look at other options. I just jumped in from an invitation to join.
    I really liked the WordPress platform that HSJ uses and so when they were down for a few days I decided to give WP a try. I’m happy here now, and thought that staying with the larger network makes more sense.
    Personal choice, but I would recommend both, in a heartbeat, to anybody! (smiles)

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